The Commissioned Collective by VibrantCast!

Calling all Artists, Photographers, and Creative Makers!

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What is the commissioned collective ?

Responding to popular demand from our local community, VibrantCast proudly presents The Commissioned Collective—a dynamic initiative designed to elevate artists and their craft.

We're assembling a talented collective of individuals, including artists, photographers, and makers in pottery, digital, mixed media, and more.

Join us in this exciting venture aimed at creating a dedicated platform within our galleries and website, exclusively devoted to promoting commissions from our esteemed members.

If you possess the exceptional ability to breathe life into original artwork from a photograph or are adept at crafting original pieces based on public input, this collective is tailor-made for you!

How does it work?

1.  Client has a need for a commissioned piece.
2.  Client goes to our site and clicks on the Collective. Client scrolls through our artists and picks the one that resonates best.
3.  Client fills out an information form with their specific needs, including time frame, style, and budget.
4.  VibrantCast takes the order and sends it to the artist. If the artist is available to fulfill the project with the assigned parameters, we will communicate back to the client. 
5.  VibrantCast hands over the project to the artist. Artist takes it from there to complete the project, collecting 80% of the commission money

Just a Few Examples


A frequently requested service involves finding an artist capable of transforming a cherished photograph into a unique painted canvas.


Can you customize your artwork to fit a particular size request or home decor?

Custom Projects

Are you open to create custom work for a client?