The Vibrant Artist Network

Join for a journey of creativity, community, exposure and growth. All artists, regardless of experience, are welcome!

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Network Benefits


Join a vibrant and diverse community of creatives who share your passion for art. Our network provides opportunities for artists to connect, learn, and grow together. Through regular gatherings held at our Fusion Gallery, you'll have the chance to interact with fellow artists, exchange ideas, offer support, and share best practices. Critiques, Prep Work for Hanging, or Ways to Stay Motivated, are just some of the topics we plan on exploring! As we go through this journey together, we are open to any ideas you have to bring to our group!


We believe that great art deserves to be seen by the world. As a Vibrant Artist, you'll benefit from increased exposure through VibrantCast. We promote our events and artists on various social channels. 


We believe in empowering our artists with opportunities to showcase and sell their artwork. We have two wonderful gallery spaces located on a highly trafficked street. Every week we have Friday Night Arts events in our Fusion gallery. Our goal here is to offer fresh work and fresh ideas from our members and team. Our members will have opportunities to show their work with us. Also as an annual member, you have the automatic opportunity to bring in at least 3 of your works to show at one of our Friday Night Art events! This offer is for a limited time so don't wait!

Exclusive Curation Opportunity

As a member of our Vibrant Artist Network, you automatically qualify for our monthly selection process by our curation team. Every month, we spotlight an artist and feature their artwork in our Vibrant Gallery, offering them elevated exposure. In addition, the selected artist's works will be prominently displayed on our exclusive online storefront, enabling access to a broader audience of art enthusiasts and potential buyers. 

Who Is This Perfect For?

Artists with Day Jobs and Dreams

Do you have a day job that pays the bills but leaves you yearning for the art world?
The Vibrant Artist Network is designed to support artists who dream of making art their primary focus. 

Artists Seeking other Artists

If you miss being around creatives who you can vibe and collaborate with then this is the place for you! Whether you're an emerging artist or a seasoned creator, most of us seek connection with like minded people. We have your people! 

Artists with Hidden Gems

Do you have a treasure trove of artwork gathering dust in your closet, awaiting its moment in the spotlight? The Vibrant Artist Network offers the exposure you need to bring your art out of hiding. Showcase your creations through our exhibitions, shows, and online platforms, ensuring that your art receives the recognition and admiration it deserves. 

Be a part of something special

Only $28/month or$200/year (that's 40% discount plus for a limited time, show 3 pieces at a Friday Night Arts event)